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KOCH Filter

We proudly sell the KOCH multi-pleat extended surface air filters. We use these for the majority of our full-system replacements and installs because they are designed for energy efficiency, improved air quality, and longer filter lifecycle. If you are interested in learning more about these filters click below.

With normal usage, a single 18x24x4 inch filter will last approximately 6 months* (meaning a case of 6 should last about 3 years). We recommend checking this filter every month to ensure it is not getting too dirty, as the lifespan of a single filter can vary based on many factors of the home air quality.

To better serve our clients, we sell the 18x24x4 inch filters that we use for our replacements and installs, and we deliver these orders free of charge. 

If you would like to purchase a case of 6 filters, press the link below to order, and we will get them to you as fast as we can! If you would like a smaller or larger amount, feel free to call or message us!

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*This filter life-span estimate is only for 18x24x4 inch KOCH multi-pleat filters.  

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